Our Australian owned company had its early beginnings in the 1950’s when Arthur Springthorpe began his career in the shearing sheds of New South Wales as a wool classer. Over the years he moved throughout the country developing his skills and establishing a firm connection with the sheepskin industry in Australia. Arthur founded Kangaroo Fur and Sheepskin Products Pty Ltd in the early 1960s, located in Kent St, Sydney as a wholesale supplier of fur and sheepskin products. By the 1970s, the humble sheepskin boot was becoming widely recognised and so began our expansion into manufacturing in 1974.

With over 30 styles available in a range of colours, Burlee Australia has the largest range of designer sheepskin boots made in Australia. We also have an ever changing range of limited edition and exclusive one-off sheepskin boots, such as our Vintage Denim collection. Each Denim boot is created from a single pair of vintage denim jeans so you are guaranteed that every boot is unique. In addition, our Custom Made option gives you the ability to personalise your boots. If you have an unusual request, contact us because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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